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Regarding the luggage market, the problems reported by consumers are gathered

June 16, 2021

Latest company case about Regarding the luggage market, the problems reported by consumers are gathered

The following is a collection of questions reported by consumers in the luggage market provided by the editor of Zhuo Yan luggage and leather goods factory.


Question one brand


"Product" quality (quality), variety (style), taste (market segment), among which "product" is the foundation,

"Card"-card rules (usage range, occasion), card fun (to be easily accepted), card culture "Card" is a means, a tactic, and a rule of the game. (Think about what happens in our minds when we hear ‘LV’, ‘CHANEL’, etc.? Just like the difference between BMW and Mercedes!


If you want to do a good job of a brand, you must first establish the core department of the brand-R&D department (which includes: brand culture, marketing supervision and promotion, product development and maintenance)


1. Brand culture

Each brand always has its history and background. In the process of publicity, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity in this area, so that the consumer groups will have a deeper understanding.


2. Market guidance and promotion

Why is it said that it is the supervisor of the market? Before making this brand, we must first position this brand in the market. What kind of consumer group is ours? 10W annual income? 20W? Still working class? Is it a casual category? Or business class? Make corresponding strategies for this and position the future commercial development in order to better tap the commercial potential.


3. Product development and maintenance

Product development requires a group of high-quality design teams. Before developing each product, they must have a deep understanding of the brand's culture and development direction, and then the idea will lead to a distinctive product.


1. Most brands, no fret, only brand

2. The accumulation of brand elements---precipitation---classic, split into big names

3. Style, culture first. Positioning a good culture for your own brand. lv has a history of hundreds of years and has a cultural history designed for the palace ministers. What about our culture? Based on local traditional culture, focus on world fashion trends, and create your own cultural tone


Question 2 Taste-Positioning (market segment) Comfortable business travel

1. The price of big brands is high, but the mid-price is very few. We will make mid-range and high-end products.

2. Subdividing the consumer level and blindly pursuing quality and boutique products will only increase production costs. Increase the price of products, and now the domestic regional consumer preferences are different.


Question three design team

1. Design first taste (style), then taste (quality), then brand. New products worth looking forward to every season

2. China has a large population, but they are not the kind of casual people. The Chinese people are very practical. The bags are very aesthetic and despise the practical effect. I think the bag is practical and beautiful. Orientals are a kind of mysterious Beauty (but the Chinese adore foreigners and foreigners)

3. Foreign brands start from the taste of life, and domestic brands can only win by volume and price. Chinese people can make products comparable to LV's quality, but it is difficult for Chinese people to create originality of LV's life.


Question four quality

I believe that you have not contacted domestic brands correctly, the profit of the production factory is too low, the production quantity is too small, the customer's requirements for leaving the factory are not in place, the domestic brand is a whole car out, one by one. The probability of repairing is too high. Similarly, consumers of domestic Pinpai luggage and bags do not have the correct consumption concept, what is cheap and what to use. As a result, domestic luggage and bags range from 50-2000 yuan. Domestically sold luggage and bags above 500 yuan is a watershed, 500 yuan Only those above yuan are usable, while the following are all disposable consumer goods.


Question 5 Variety (style)


Question 6 Creative sales strategy

1. I think there is another very important aspect of the development of the entire luggage industry, that is, how do we view luggage? What exactly are bags used for? Where is its market basis? Another is the development model? Only with a deep understanding of these aspects can our luggage industry develop!

2. If you want a brand to start the market and cultivate the meaning of consumption, so that consumers understand that luggage is a must in life, hehe, if this is done, it will be another big cake. Not many brands are now grabbing a small Cake, please don't give up a big cake.

3. Everyone has heard of Hualong, right? The reason why he was so successful is related to Fan Xianguo’s brand strategy. From the countryside to the city, from the third-tier to the first-tier, from the domestic to the international, it is only a practical strategy to establish a strategy that meets their own realistic conditions. Facing the aggressive international brands, domestic companies must What we do is to stand firm on the third line and then break through the second line and finally realize the transformation from rural to urban. The road is long, but it is also urgent. When international brands have no time to worry about the second and third-tier markets, our companies must seize this opportunity , Based on the fundamentals to achieve steady growth and leapfrog development!

4. Northerners are the main consumer group, followed by Southerners (Northerners have a desire to consume)


Question 7 Old scalper's after-sales service


Question 8 Circulation link costs

1. Factory

2. General distributor

3. Provincial Agent

4. 30% deduction + discounted space in the mall

5. Logistics costs


Question 10: Withdrawal of funds


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