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What are the basic knowledge of leather care?

June 16, 2021

Latest company case about What are the basic knowledge of leather care?

Basic knowledge of leather care may not necessarily be useful to you, but your sharing may help others, move your fingers.




A. Daily care, daily simple care, can make handbags as long as new and longer life.




1. Use the skin cream of the same color to wipe the handbag regularly to keep the leather bright and moist, but avoid using liquid leather oil.


2. When applying skin cream to handbags, avoid applying the cream directly on the leather surface. You should apply it to the fluff or soft hair first and then wipe the leather surface.


3. Always keep the handbag dry and place it in a ventilated place when storing it. Some handbags that are susceptible to moisture can be stored with a little moisture-proof beads in the bag.


4. If the handbag gets wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the handbag, and then place it in a cool place to let the handbag dry naturally. Never put the wet handbag directly in the sun or blow it with a windpipe , Also can not be blown beside the air conditioner, otherwise the leather will burst.


5. Do not rinse with water or contact with chemical solvents when cleaning handbags.




B. Each type of leather has different characteristics, so different care methods and appropriate care products are needed.




1. Flannel: Wipe off the stains on the surface of the handbag with a slightly damp flannel, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry it naturally.


2. Cowhide and sheepskin: Use high-quality leather paste to apply on the flannel to remove the dirt on the surface of the leather, and then use a soft cloth to wipe back and forth on the bag surface.


3. Dry skin: Use soft fur on the surface of the leather to gently wipe the stains in the same direction to make the texture smooth; you can also use raw rubber and cleaning supplies for fur to remove stains, but it is not suitable to wipe the grease.




C. Special care




1. The zipper is not smooth: apply candle or leather wax to the zipper to improve the effect.


2. Denitrification: If there is a little denitrification, you can use color matching skin paste to fill the color or use white electric oil to lightly wipe the denitrification part to remove stains


3. Metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) silver hardware buckle: Use the finest water sandpaper or frosted rubber to gently wipe off the black spots, and then gently wipe with transparent leather ointment. Golden buckle: Never use abrasive paper, so as not to wipe off the gold, only use a little transparent leather ointment to gently wipe. Prevention method: apply a little transparent nail polish on the copper or metal buckle of the new handbag to prevent oxidation.

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